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Safety In Slumbers

I know I’ve gone on long enough about how there needs to be more people considering getting disposal bins for various home improvement tasks. One point that I feel doesn’t come across often enough would be the necessity for safety. If you’re dealing with concrete, you should always be wearing protective eyewear and proper foot protection. You cannot continue working if you can’t see, and you certainly won’t be moving anything around if you can’t walk.

With modern solutions like safety goggles or glasses, there isn’t any reason for you to risk eye damage from falling debris and the like. These safety protocols in the construction and demolition trades have provided a very much needed breath of fresh air towards worker wellness. Statistics have shown significant improvements in preventative measures in the workplace environment. How does this affect those working for themselves at home?

Sadly these same improvements haven’t been matched by those engaged in their own home improvement undertakings. Whereas my theory may come across as mere speculation, the statistics have also provided insight into the same conclusion. People are getting hurt more often on their own projects than they would while they’re at work. In contrast, investigating why, I learned that a good portion of workers has mobility, comfort, and cost problems. These problems are more than troublesome when you’re considering that many of these workers are working in their spare time. Wearing proper safety glasses is fine, but when these poor souls can barely keep their own eyes open, they may have trouble seeing what they’re doing.

Why do they work so tirelessly if it poses a safety risk? This problem is where cost is of more significant concern because it only feeds into itself. The economic inflation has resulted in the price of materials to rise with worker wages meeting an unbalanced ratio fit to handle the offset. With more expensive materials needed to finish projects at home, more hours worked are required to afford them, and cutting costs for proper safety equipment is somehow justified. With the rigorous hours worked, the idea of working in running shoes over heavy steel toe boots becomes increasingly tempting. You’re able to work longer and easier when given the added comfort, and this is a risk that many general laborers are willing to take.

What can we, as a community, do to combat these problems that are facing the backbone of the working class? A society that helps to recycle construction materials such as aluminum and copper can go a long way. Selling your extra materials online when completing your projects can also help, such as lumber and drywall. Beyond this, I think a more significant portion of workers’ safety lies in the companies’ hands that are providing them a service. Such a service exists from that of Need A Bin, where they provide Canadian made waste bin containers with the workers’ convenience and safety at the heart of their beliefs.

What makes Need A Bin different from other companies that provide waste bins? From the research I’ve done, calling the support number provided from their google information, I was able to reach someone without the hassle of pressing 1 for English and all that annoying minutiae. I was able to get advice from some, where others made it clear that their job was merely to book a time slot and couldn’t answer technical inquiries on waste management protocols. When Need A Bin offers you a container, you get a dumpster bin with easy access doors that allow you to walk right into. This provides a safety resolution for those working on the ground level. They also allow a bin to be rented the same day you call them if you’re caught doing this last minute.

In conclusion, I cannot stress enough that you need to consider your safety as the top priority in any situation. A week of labor can make up for any simple expense, but injuries are always worth avoiding. The services that are out there also take your bin away for you as a service. To all the workers out there, I implore you to be safe and never hesitate to call for help whenever you are in need.

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