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Rent Dirt Bins in Caledon

If you have excess soil on your residential or commercial property that you need to dispose of, you can depend on us to aid you. We provide top quality dirt bin rentals, to make it simple for you to load up all the excess dirt and soil as well as have it quickly cleared away from your residential or commercial property. The disposed soil from your bin rental can be then recycled and utilized somewhere else.

Cost-Effective Dirt Bin Rental in Caledon

Our cost effective dirt bin rental solutions can help you to efficiently clean up after many different undertakings that involve moving dirt and soil. If you are removing dirt from your lawn or disposing of dirt as part of a larger task, you can count on us to provide the disposal containers you require. Our dirt bins are perfect for projects like:

Landscaping jobs

Digging foundations




If you are a home owner taking on a lawn improvement project, you may not know that dirt bins aren’t the same as bins used for demolition jobs or other kinds of waste. That’s due to the fact that dirt is usually not taken to a landfill, but rather thrown away in a different way.

Topsoil Vs. Fill Dirt

It is very important to first understand the distinction between topsoil and fill dirt before leasing our dirt bins, because there are fundamental differences in their disposal. Fill dirt is used for filling up land, such as when a swimming pool needs to be filled up or filling unequal land to get it prepared for construction. Topsoil, on the other hand, has more nutrients and is the topmost layer of dirt. It is laid down before planting given that it contains the nutrients required for effective growth.

What size Dirt Bin do I need?

Two sizes of containers for dirt and soil removal are generally used: 7-yards as well as 14-yards. We normally do not provide much larger containers for the disposal of dirt and soil for two major reasons. First, a 14-yard bin is usually adequate to fulfill most clients’ demands. Second, dirt and soil is incredibly heavy because it weighs about 1.25 tons per yard and weight limitations have been implemented for the bins because of the trucks that are utilized for hauling away the bins once they are at capacity.

Driveway Protection Included with Dirt Bin Rentals

When you rent a container for dirt and soil removal, you must consider a few things. Dirt is particularly heavy, which is why you must protect the spot where the bin is positioned. It can be advisable to put a barrier of wood between the dumpster and the ground to reduce the risk of damage. Our dirt bin delivery professionals will place driveway protection down when providing your container, absolutely free.

The other thing you need to do is ensure that you exclusively put dirt or soil in the dumpster. When you place in a blend of dirt and plant particles, doing so means that the bin can not go to a dirt-only facility as a result of possible chemical contamination, which means that disposal is likely to cost you more money. See our mixed-garbage disposal containers if you find yourself in this situation.

Contact Us Today for Reliable Dirt Bin Rental Services in Caledon!

Get in touch with us today and talk with one of our specialists to find out more regarding how to properly do away with dirt and soil from your residential property along with the disposal containers available for you to rent out.

What Can Go in a Dirt Bin?

Clean Dirt / Soil

Describes the dirt/soil that’s free of trash, roots, an excessive amount of steel, or various other pollutants.

Dirt Bin Rental

What Can’t Go in a Dirt Bin?

Brick and Asphalt

Refers to dirt mixed with asphalt and brick from pavement or building demolitions. You can however rent Asphalt Bins and Brick Bins or Mixed-Fill Disposal Bins to fit your project needs respectively.

Concrete Slurry

Solid concrete is an appropriate waste material, but you can not use a dirt bin rental to deal with concrete slurry. To take care of any leftover mix, you must try looking into other concrete slurry services.

Mixed Heavy Debris

Describes any kind of mix of both clean dirt and other heavy materials such as concrete, asphalt, block, or brick. Have a look at mixed content Disposal Bin Rentals for disposing of dirt and other heavy materials.

Other Prohibited Items

Hazardous and/or combustible materials are never to be placed in a dirt bin rental. It is important to ensure that such restricted products do not make their way into the containers.

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